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i was looking through my phone today while waiting for class to start and i found a memo in my phone that said

"cookie cutter for steak, star steak"

at first i was like, what i don’t even remember writing this and then i realized it’s one of those ideas i get as i’m falling asleep and i think it’s something completely genius so i have to get it down somewhere lest i forget it in the morning.

so the big question is, would you buy a kitchen tool to cut your steak into stars?

would you?

39. My favourite animals are wolves.

Like you didn’t know this already.

But the reason is that, in grade 5, I did a pretty big research project on wolves and that’s when I learned how beautiful and complex they really are. Wolves are probably the most misunderstood animals on the planet.

does anyone remember when i couldn’t find my debit card and fully thought i lost it? well i got a new one and it has 007 in the number (aw yeea) and i found my old one like 2 days later…

guess where i found it…

IN MY BAG. but i don’t use that bag so idk why it was in there, but i really should’ve checked.

i do like my new number though :D